ITS@WCTR2016 Day 3 – Haneen Khries

By Haneen Khries


The World Conference on Transport Research Society has a number of initiatives that are aimed at supporting and promoting research done by young transport professionals. One of these initiatives: Activity Y-II, which was first launched in the Rio conference, offers four Ph.D. students additional grants to advance their Ph.D. work or any other transport research they wish to undertake.

I have applied to this initiative and was granted the WCTRS-Young research innovation grant. We started the process of preparing a technical proposal for consideration in this completion in April 2015 and ended it in the July 2016 Shanghai conference, where the society held a special session chaired by professor Yoshi Hayashi, the current WCTRS president, where the four winners presented their grant papers.

In my talk, I presented a paper titled: Critical Issues in Estimating Human Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution: Advancing the Assessment of Motor Vehicle Emissions Estimates. This paper presents an advanced method for developing vehicle average-speed emissions functions, tailored to real-world driving. The functions estimate vehicle emission rates based on the vehicle’s average speed over high resolution ‘micro-trip’ segments. The results indicate that at the lower average speeds emission estimates are significantly different when compared to the widely practiced method across Europe. The application of this method in epidemiological studies where it will be trialled and its relevance to environmental and transport policy was discussed.

WCTR_HK_Poster  Haneen YWCTR

I found this initiative as an excellent opportunity to share my work with the society and attend the conference but also importantly to develop my work and complete a significant chunk of it in preparation for this session. We have both received feedback on our papers, multiple times throughout the review process but also during the session and this has helped improve my work initially but suggestions for potential improvement avenues in the future were made. I am honoured and grateful to have had received this award and hope to capitalize on this with future involvement in the society.



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