ITS@WCTR Day 3 – ITS Alumni event


WCTR alumni and friends of ITS

There was a particular room at the WCTR conference that was filled with transport professionals all connected with ITS, one way or another. There were international Alumni, a healthy representation of ITS staff and PhD students, and academic visitors alike, all attending an networking event catching up with old friends and making new connections. It is often the case at such international conferences of this scale that people meet so briefly, so it’s important to sometimes stop and properly talk to people who might share your interests, memories or be looking for an academic collaborator.

Our global alumni community reaches far and wide and it was excellent to see Fumio Kurosaki (Japan) and John Dinwoodie (UK) again as well as meeting Sittha Jaensirisak (Thailand) for the first time, in addition to a recent cohort of graduates from China including one of our keynote speakers of the evening Jialiang Guo, alongside Xinghua Zhang, Dayuan Xu, Guoqing Zhang, Bing Li, Jiajun Zhou, Yifan Wang, Xiaojun Shao and Xue Ding. Furthermore, an old friendship was reunited when Alvaro Guzman (Ecuador) joined his old classmate Jonathan Gomez Vilchez (Germany) for the first time since they both graduated in 2010.

Alumni Event (13)Alumni Event (5)Alumni Event (6)

Alumni Event (7)Alumni Event (8)

Alumni Event (9)

We also had the pleasure of catching up with some of the academic partners who have visited ITS in recent years including Ruth Steiner (University of Florida), Meng Xu (Beijing University), Sanjay Gupta (SPA, New Delhi), Alexa Delbosc & Graham Currie (Monash University, Melbourne) and in his speech ITS Director, Greg Marsden invited all collaborators and alumni to visit ITS, especially when we can showcase our new research centre of excellence building later in the year.

Alumni Event (10)Alumni Event (11)Alumni Event (12)

It was a wonderful event with some really encouraging feedback that our alumni community do appreciate our engagement with them as they feel proud to be part of a global network that keeps in contact with them no matter where they are in the world. Having the opportunity to meet up again at occasions like this reminds them that they have not been forgotten. We look forward to more events with more of our alumni as the global network continues to grow. For more details on how you can get involved as an active alumni please email


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