Millennials on the move in the UK, US and Australia

In January 2016, Dr Alexa Delbosc spent two weeks visiting ITS Leeds from ITS Monash in Melbourne Australia.  Alexa is a leading researcher on the changing mobility of the millennial generation in Australia.  This topic has recently gained much attention in the developed world as millennials are taking longer to get a driving license, driving less and using public transport more than previous generations of young people.  During her visit, Alexa has been collaborating with Prof. Karen Lucas and Prof. Noreen McDonald.  She summarised the state of research into millennials at the first ITS Research Seminar Series for 2016:


Karen, Alexa  and Noreen (pictured L-R below) have begun to compare the changing travel habits of millennials in the UK, US and Australia and will continue this research after Alexa’s return to Australia.  A comparative analysis will highlight the impact of land-use, density and city size on auto-mobility and public transport use of young adults.

This work will also be shared in an upcoming special session on young people’s travel behaviours and life choices to be held at the World Conference of Transport Research in July.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in the travel behaviour of young adults feel free to contact Alexa at




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