AHFE Las Vegas – days 2 and 3

By Sanna Pampel

The second and the last day of the AHFE conference prove to be somewhat more relaxed for me, because my main job, the presentation, had been done. These days, though, continued to be filled with very interesting talks. At each time slot a session took place with relevant subjects ranging from vehicle automation, distraction and workload, all kinds of driver support systems to, just before I left, a session dedicated to eco-driving.

Being curious about getting around in a tourist spot such as Las Vegas, I have tried a range of the available transport modes in my free time. I have used small hired buses, shuttles, for a few trips, which drove on roads with stunning views as below:


Taxis are available in front of every hotel, but at the destination of a short drive I needed to complain about the change as well as the receipt. In fact, the driver had handed me an empty card as receipt! Navigating through Las Vegas with air-conditioned buses turned out to be easy, cheap and convenient. A 24h ticket I purchased on the previous day for the hybrid Deuce bus ($8) could be used to travel all the way to the McCarran Airport. Finally, as I left, I received an upgrade to the business class on my flight to Minneapolis (thank you, thank you, thank you!) It provided a pleasant, more spacious, and therefore, I admit, a tad less sustainable, beginning of a long trip back to Leeds.


At the end of the blog I want to reveal the outcome of gambling the £1 coin from my friend. In a large casino I searched for the machine matching most clichés, and accepting $1 coins. I inserted the coin…


… and…



So, I am back in good old Europe by now and hope that I can be on the road – or in the air – again soon.


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