AHFE Las Vegas – day 1

By Sanna Pampel

The AHFE began for me with a keynote by Dr. Stephen R. Barley from Stanford University about unintended changes caused by technology, such as organisational tensions. The talk was followed by networking at the reception dinner, where I met a number of fellow PhD students, most of them supplied by the Technische Universität München.


The next morning it was my turn. During a very interesting session for automation of light vehicles I presented the first results of the second study of my PhD, in which I attempted to prompt drivers to use their eco-driving knowledge and skills.


Getting to the conference venue by the free hotel trams was not as easy as expected. In order to get to and from such a tram station I needed to walk a long way through casinos as well as past shops and restaurants. The tram-trip itself took a small fraction of the time, but in sum, walking turned out to be much faster, and bearable in the early morning hours.


Another option to move around the Las Vegas Strip is taking one of the hybrid/natural gas buses, owned by the city. The tickets for the more sustainable mode cost about three times as much as the ones for the standard diesel buses running perpendicular to the Strip.


As you go to Fremont Street, a very recommendable tourist experience, these Deuce/SDX buses commute on dedicated lanes, and become an example of BRT (bus rapid transport).


In the city I have hardly seen any cyclists, apart from police officers on the pavements and a few brave candidates, nor appropriate road infrastructure. However, as you can see on the rack below, all buses here provide the means for bringing your bicycle with you on the bus.



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