AHFE 2015 – arrived in Las Vegas

By Sanna Pampel

My trip to Las Vegas included three flights, and a drive with an electric bus in Schiphol, which I doubt made up for the emissions generated by my detour to Amsterdam. However, an electric fleet makes much sense on a restricted area such as an airport, and this one is even solar powered.















… and then, late at night (early morning UK time), I finally arrived in Vegas:


The first impression of the city was amazing. It is warm and loud, crowded and welcoming, as the image above may suggest. A shuttle I had booked on-line brought me to my hotel, which is located on the main-tourist-stretch, the Las Vegas Strip. Searching for something to eat, I went on a first walk, and was quite astonished by the sheer amount of pedestrians.


A tourist guide explained to me that the number of pedestrians has increased substantially during the last ten years. In the 70s and 80s walking was almost unheard of. People would make sure they are not seen in public before dressing up and then travel virtually everywhere by taxi – even when the destination is across the street. Today, with ample street crossing facilities and pedestrian bridges it is so much easier to walk around the Las Vegas Strip than I had expected.



Lastly, being curious about the days ahead, I made sure that I caught a glimpse of the conference venue Caesars Palace, here on the left:



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