Taiwan Day 4 – National Cheng Kung University

An old stream train exhibited outside Taipei Rail Station. This drags the time back to 1923. I know UK had a much glorious history on trains, so I’d better stop here…


A giant Christmas tree at Taipei Rail Station. A bit early? who cares. it’s the spirit that counts…


High Speed Rail…my favourite. The planning started when I was an undergraduate student. It took nearly 20 years from planning to operation. Chris Nash once said that China builds high speed rails incredibly quick (best record is 4 years, I think, but better double check with Chris)…well, Taiwan isn’t China, I am afraid.


Anyway, back to academic topics, this is the poster at NCKU telling students about my talk.


Visited the Department of Transport Science and Management and had a very fruitful discussion with various colleagues there. Seen a student who granulated from ITS last year as well.

Went to Kaohsiung City where Jeff is heading the Department of Transport there. They have rental bicycles, like Taipei, there too. Jeff is also trialling free bus ride to promote PT.


Most cycle lanes there are sharing space with foot path, rather than within the carriageway.



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