Taiwan Day 3 – more visits…

Another busy day. I visited a couple of University appointed recruitment agents today – we don’t want to miss out any opportunity which would make applicants who are interested in transport aware of ITS.


UK Star: Mina Huang, Yuer Huang, me, and Gary Chang


Oxbridge: Maxine Chung, me, and Elaine Lin

Traffic signal countdown: what don’t we have them in the UK?

DSC02315_20 DSC02318_20


I also had a very pleasant meeting with Chih-Wen Fang, who received his PhD from ITS back in 1999 and is currently Deputy Director General of Taiwan’s Civil Aeronautics Administration. Susan and Frank M will remember him well. I have known Chih-Wen and his wife back in 1996 when I came to Leeds. Their elderly son was born at LGI when I had the pleasure to pick them up and take them back home. He is 16 years old now – time flies, doesn’t it.



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