Post WCTR in Brazil – Day 5

By Astrid Gühnemann

LASTRANThankfully, after my travel disruptions from yesterday our colleagues from LASTRAN were able to reschedule our planned meeting. We had an intereresting talk about possible options for co-operation between LASTRAN and ITS. After that, I gave a seminar to staff and PhD students at LASTRAN.

SeminarAs can be seen from the coats in the pictures, temperatures in Porto Alegre are currently nowhere near those in Rio, and – typical of many countries with few cold days – the heating systems cannot quite keep up. Now I am off for a couple of days holiday at the Iguazu Falls. We have been told it’s almost as cold there, so bringing a warm jumper was really worth it.

That’s it from me for this time. Goodbye, Astrid

PS: The last three posts were delayed due to lack of internet. Iguazu Falls are not quite as cold as Porto Alegre, but very, very wet.


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