Traffic Management in New Zealand (Day 3)

The conference has ended…..and yesterday I gave my second presentation. I described some of the driving simulator experiments we have been doing relating to roadworks; whilst the traffic and road network here in NZ is quite different (much less of it !) the fundamentals of sign design and comprehension are the same. Good to meet kiwis, brits who have moved to NZ and even kiwis who have moved to the UK but who were attending the conference,  who are all working in the same field.

In the evening we took the gondola up to a restaurant, there was the option to take the luge down afterwards, but it was too cold and dark for my liking……


With the conference at an end, it was time to say goodbye to the organisers, and thank them for the great opportunity to come and present the research we do at ITS. Tomorrow I move onto the University of Waikato in Hamilton, where I am presenting in the Department of Psychology.


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