RENKEI Researcher School 2013

This year is the inaugural RENKEI Researcher School that aims to bring early career researchers from British and Japanese universities, to help build and foster cross-cultural research.  Hopefully, we will begin to form links that will form the basis of vibrant research networks for years to come.

Based in sunny (honest!) Bristol, this year’s theme is Urban Sustainability and Resilience.  I’ll be blogging throughout this first week of the school, and I’ll return in December when the RENKEI moves to Kyoto.

For more information on RENKEI itself I’d encourage you to go to .


Hello.  The Renkei Researcher School is bringing 22 early year career researchers together from 6 UK and 5 Japanese universities.  What links us all is that we are all investigating issues surrounding sustainable cities and a willingness to explore working across disciplinary and national cultures.  Other than that we are a pretty heteregenous group.

Our visitors from Japan seem to be throwing off the jet lag , and we are starting to tackle the extremely full itinerary.

By the way, being in Bristol is probably quite appropriate for this year’s school.  Not only is it the home of Wallace & Grommit, but it has a reputation of being one of Britain’s greenest cities.  A reputation that the current mayor is keen to develop.

photo 2

Bristol Green Transport

Day 2 and 3 have us looking at ideas of cultural difference, and how we can recognise them, as well as working through them.  Today has been an exhausting one, using techniques from the world of drama.  This has been provided by Vox Coaching, a company who provide communication training across academia

Well, it’s been hard and rewarding work.  We’ve all got to know each other.  And I’ve been a statue.

Drama based activities with Vox Coaching



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