Driving Assessment 2013 – Day 1

Alternative Title: Planes, no trains and automobiles…..and the 2am suitcase delivery.

Technically this is our second day here, but yesterday was mostly a travel day. ‘Highlights’ included:

  • A very thorough summary from Hamish on the pros and cons of having the ‘middle middle’ seats on a transatlantic flight (Seats 4 and 5 in the following arrangement: Window 1 2 Aisle 3 4 5 6 Aisle 7 8 Window). He didn’t find any pros!
  • A run across Philadelphia airport to catch a connection, whilst our names were called over the speakers with quite unique pronunciation (Hee-berd (Hibberd), Jame-es-son (Jamson), Mee-rat (Merat)).
  •  Our baggage not making it on to the plane from Philadelphia to Albany, NY with us. (It eventually followed us on the drive north in the early hours of this morning).


The hotel location is very picturesque. The weather is not quite as good as that in the photo from my trail post, but pleasant all the same.



I’m looking forward to presenting the results from the ecoDriver project to a new audience – my first conference presentation on a topic different to my PhD work. Tomorrow I will be preparing my last few slides for Wednesday afternoon and then perhaps exploring the island! After having the opening presentation slot at the previous conference that I attended in the USA (Automotive UI 2010 in Pittsburgh), it is reassuring to know that this time I’m safely in the middle on Wednesday (perhaps even the ‘middle middle’ Hamish?); not kicking off the entire event, but also avoiding the last day slots that people seem to like less.


I’ve bumped into a few familiar faces from previous conferences this evening and also put some faces with names from papers that I have read. (That usually conjures a feeling similar to when you see a radio presenter for the first time in the flesh!). The atmosphere is very friendly, and I’ve been told by regular attendees that the conference as a whole is relaxed and informal, so don’t be afraid to network! So I’ve brought 200 business cards with me…..!


One thought on “Driving Assessment 2013 – Day 1

  1. Great stuff Daz. Glad you got re-united with your bags. I wonder if there has been any research done on the externalities of luggage being on a different plane from the passenger…. 🙂

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